Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time To Get Better!

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
--Goethe [legendary German poet]

So what's the plan? The plan is to change individuals, that's the plan. The world is moving fast. And you can't stand still and watch. You have to take part. And soon. Before somebody takes your part for you.

So all you have to do is this...A promise to yourself that every single day you will do two things:

1) You will learn something new and useful to you.

2) You will do something useful to your society.

Easy! This second one: It can be anything...You can just remove a stone from the pavement or give some money to the poor or help a child cross the street or pick up a wrapper from the ground. It can be anything. And learning something new can't be that hard...In effect, the total time for both things over the length of your day will end up being a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. Tiny teeny bit, really.

The plan is that things will start to get addictive...You will find learning one thing isn't enough for a day. And doing one useful thing isn't enough either. Hopefully. This is what we're working for! And this is to myself, before it is to anybody!

If you're joining in on this simple pact with yourself, make sure you leave me a message in the comments! I need the encouragement!

God bless!


Nabsj said...

I'm in ;)

Ehab said...

I'm in Ed :) ... I'm in all the way :) Brilliant Idea, Remind me of telling you about my future you and me "Project or Company or whatever" .

Hamdy Elgammal said...

@Ehab: Will make sure I remind you of that =D Welcome in!

@Nabsj: Cool, welcome in =D

Mika said...

what a coincidence!! I just came today from a meeting discussing this topic and the ways of doing some action :)
Will be teaching some outskirt school kids who are way behind on their studies, and their parents wouldn't care less.. Plus some health tips and workshops... hope one can actually make a difference even if it's just on 1 little kid among them all!!
Should probably try harder on learning something each day though.. :) Thanks for the wake up call :D

Hamdy Elgammal said...

Oh that sounds great! Who knows which one of those kids will grow up to become a college professor or a scientist or somebody influential to humanity? Everything's possible! Everything said or taught can be a motivation; good luck with them!

Rummy said...

I'm in =D

Hamdy Elgammal said...

Welcome aboard Rummy =D

Giselle said...

I'm definitely in!

Good post =)